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Monday, February 28, 2005


lissa ann

I have the utmost faith in your abilities:-)


Anna's CD isn't out yet. Columbia Records is supposed to be sending me an advanced copy along with a press packet. Electric Artists is supposed to be sending me her 5 song sampler.

And I've got her cell number.

lissa ann

Wow. Bradley. Bitter much? I found Anna Nalick's link on Katie's site, I think...either hers or another blog that I visited!

And I don't like Bright Eye's either.


Wait for the Issue Three Statement. And the only blogs I know of hypin' Anna are mine and April's. And she is a wonderful person, I'm wishing her the best. And who's bitter? I'm on a thrill right now, Issue Two is live, and I've got a new bottle of absinthe to crack open. It's the new Pernod. Absinthe Edouard by Jade.


so subterbrad ... what do i have to do to get her info/cd from ya?!?!? cuz i want to have every ounce of her music i can ... and i want to promote her stuff as well ... cuz she rocks!!!

and so sorry i don't like bright eyes .. can't help it.


I'm still waiting on the CDs, and I really can't give our her phone number, but shoot me an email and I'll hook you up with a quick fix, super-secret-squirrel stuff.

lissa ann

In the interest of keeping peace, and maintaining journalistic integrity, I would like to amend my previous comment.

Subter Brad, I was attempting to be funny when I called you bitter, something that apparently I was not successful with, and for that I apologize.

And to set the record straight, I found a reference to Anna Nalick on Kristen's Blog, http://thebottomofthings.blogspot.com/2004_12_19_thebottomofthings_archive.html so the credit should go to her. I apologize for citing incorrectly.

So there:-)


thank you lissa ann cause I was about to open a can of, "i'm never the first to discover something but the one time I do I had better get credit where credits due, bitter party of one" ass, all over y'all!
I'm just proud as can be that you corrected yourself. Thank you and if I ever find any one else that's worth mentioning...I'll make sure to include your pretty face in the mix!!! I'm so ridiculous~

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