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Sunday, March 06, 2005


sweet pea

BTW... Mullets and Flannel... great, just great. Because, it just gives the complete visual of the drink buying fella's. Hilarious.


i actually meant it to describe what many people describe feminists as ... bull dykes w/ mullets who wear flannel ...

sweet pea

OHHHHH... that's even better. My Bad.

sweet pea

you mean like my brother in law then?


lolz. "hey, wanna see my vagina? i hate men."


i mean, i can only think of one thing more sexy than dykes with mullets in flannel.
i apologize for any perminant damage this might do for anyone that has seen this and tragically is reminded of the horror.
it has to be said.
proud wearing permed mullet dykes wearing overalls OVER the flannel...oh yes...and timberlands.
not done...
driving pt cruisers with every rainbow sticker ever printed and marketed in history on the back window, on their way home to a house with the classic rainbow flag infront so everyone knows, and inside watching ellen is her very femanine and dildo whipped girlfriend ready to fetch a beer and change the TV to monster garage for her "daddy".

i mean, this is too common for me, so talking about it is good so that i can release the deamons. but seriously, you guys may not have seen all of these charactersitics in one severe case, but im sure you have seen alot of the signs seperately. i mean, chances are if u see one of these...the rest follow, you just got lucky and wernt victim to any more of this disgusting display of gender confussion women called mullet dykes. there should seriously be a state where they have to move to immediately when any 2 of these traits form, so america can continue our recovery from the damage billy ray cyrus and has done.

but thats just me.


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